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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.

Guild spa

    Non-profit partnership National Guild of SPA Experts(further the Guild).
    The Guild - was registered in December 2004.

    It also includes assistance to the development of the SPA in Russia in the spirit of the world, mutual understanding, without any discrimination of political, sexual, religious or racial character.

    An important part of the Guilds activity is devoted to the protection of the Guild members common interests and resolution of disputes between them.

    Organization and realization of international exhibitions, trade-fairs, conferences, summits and symposiums contributes to the interaction with the related industries (cosmetics/beauty, fitness/yoga/sport/health, tourism/hospitality/restaurants, etc) and representation of the SPA-industry in Russia and in the world.

    All the above-mentioned tasks are supported by the educational courses provided for the SPA-professionals.

    As the tasks of the Guild are multiple and very diversified the Guild splits into two Committees responsible for different branch of its activity Educational Committee and Marketing Committee.

    The Educational Committee is represented by the Academy of SPA Esthetics (further Academy). Its main task is to provide education to the SPA-professionals (managers, administrative working force) and specialists (therapists, cosmetologists). Academy of SPA Esthetics is the organization that works out and maintains educational standards, requirements and criteria for the SPAs, specialists and professionals.

    Academy of SPA Esthetics acts under the guidance of the Guild. Academy has to approve and harmonize its activity and results with the Guild.

    The Marketing Committee is in charge of the promotion of the brands of the National Guild of SPA Experts and Academy of SPA Esthetics. Moreover, Marketing Committee develops the channels of communication with the Guilds members, SPA-professionals and specialists, relative industries/partners/interested parties and end-clients. This task is fulfilled via publications: books and magazines and website and presence and activities in Internet.

    Therefore, the Marketing Committee supports performance of both: the Guild and Academy. As well as the Academy, MC acts according to the plan approved by the Guild.

    Corporate Strategy
    Corporate Strategy is to become the most effective association in terms of SPA-industry development in Russia, the best training centre for the professionals and specialist and respectful, trendsetting and quality-indicating organization for the end-clients and international audience. Current strategy specifies that such business position should be reached via active presence and performance in Internet: Electronic Commerce, Electronic Auctions, On-line booking portal.

    Spa publishing house:
    The Guild issues specialized magazine - SPA report which gives Russian SPA experts
    an excellent opportunity to get. Also the magazine represents Russia at the
    international SPA-market. Frequency 4 times per year in English.
    SPA Report and SPA Report: Guide(2012) are the magazines for the
    SPA-professionals/specialists and end-clients respectively,
    which promote SPA-services concept, introduce standards and criteria, communicate trends and information,
    and gives excellent opportunity to get news and information from all over the world
    and Russia specifically. http://eng.russiaspas.ru/en/spareport.phtml

    Series of books already issued and stated in plan under the brand of the Guild:
    SPA Industry Today, 2005, SPA Management, 2007, SPA Cuisine, 2008)
    aims to create educational basis for those working in the industry.

    Russian Spa Industry Summit conference and exhibiton
    2005 Moscow
    2006 Gelendzhik
    2007 Moscow region
    2008 Moscow

    Russian Spa Professional Awards
    2004 Best Spa object
    2005+ Best specialist (therapist, cosmetologist, manikur-pedikur)
    2006+ Best marketing Company and product
    2008+ Best Banya Specialist
    2009 only Best Banya Specialist
    2010 All nomibations

    Seminars and conference:
    Both separates seminars and within the framework of exhibitions
    2005 Monaco
    2005-2006 Dubai
    2005 Kazazhstan (education)
    2006-2007 Slovenia
    2006, 2008 Germany (Dusseldorf and Stuttgart) Poll salon exhibitions
    2008 Spa summit in Krasnodar
    Perm (eduaction tour)
    Saint-Petersburg (education tour)
    2009 Bulgaria

    International Spa academy of spa esthetics
    2004-2006 seminar for directors
    2006- Spa therapist, administrator and director
    2007 Spa cosmetologist
    More than 20 seminars
    2008 accreditation of Itec
    2009 Base curs for cosmetologist

    Article and standard book
    2005 Standard for spa object
    2007 every year Spa trend
    Statistic article
    2009 Standart for spa staff

    If you want to send us the press-release http://eng.russiaspas.ru/en/guild3.phtml

Spa News in Russia

14.03   Education in 2023
06.04   Education & meeting 2021
30.01   Education & meeting 2020
17.02   Education & meeting in 2019
24.01   Education & meeting 2018
24.09   Education & meeting 2017
23.03   Edition of the Spa Sessions manual, Singapore,March2017
22.12   Education 2016
01.04   Education in 2015
11.12   Education in 2014
01.07   Spa tour in Bulgaria
02.03   "A place of Russia in world spa business" interview the director of Spa Guild Ms. M.Kuchurkina
16.07   M.KUCHURKINA gave interview a portal Spa Life
08.05   The 6th of May is the first day of sale the analytical book The Works standards of beauty staff
07.05   In books "Spa Industry:Coming of Age"(India) was the acticle from Guild of spa experts
19.12   New Spa report 4'08
08.02   First courses in Spa Academy in 2008
Spa -industry today  book- first and one in Russian Spa!
Spa -industry today book- first and one in Russian Spa!
On table each European director salon of the beauty
On table each European director salon of the beauty
Spa report 2'09
Spa report 2'09