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Best Spa centre

    Nominations of Best SPA centre is subdivided on:

    Best Day SPA
    Best SPA resort
    Best SPA hotel
    Best resort't SPA center without natural springs application
    Best natural bathing SPA
    Best beauty salon with SPA elements
    Best International Spa center

    Each group shares on subgroups, according to developed us of standards of objects, and
    Presence of objects in subgroups.

    We actively stimulated attention to development of Spa-industry, you can look the list
    Winners of Award and glossy magazines in qualities of partners.
    If you wish to learn that write magazines about our Awards

    We have faced with not correct behaviour - both salons, and representatives of the press who did not consider
    Interests of National Guild of Spa of experts, the organizer. Read a material in magazine Spa report 3'08 more in detail.
    Therefore in 2008 we have cancelled the given nomination.
    In 2009г. The organising committee understands that during the period it is necessary for "great depression" to strengthen
    promotion programs of Spa-INDUSTRY. We are ready. Salons are how much ready, it will be clear in the end of July 2009г.
    We will be glad to see participants who understand the importance of participation in the international project.

    Professinalno-personally-quickly-is universal

    To Award objects which have worked 2 years from the moment of opening are supposed.

    Competition is spent to three stages:
    1. Filling and delivery of necessary documents.
    For participation in competition it is necessary to send:
    - 2-4 photos of your centre
    - The menu of leaving of your salon
    - The list of your equipment including water treatment and etc.
    2. Reception of a command of jury
    3. Filling of the financially-marketing report.

    All objects, are obliged to accept 2 representatives of jury at themselves on object.
    Into jury structure enter, recognised Russian financially-operating experts of beautiful business,
    Leading directors of the cosmetic companies, representatives of the press.

    Criteria of an estimation are:
    • The general knowledge of the theory and professional skills of work with the client;
    • Observance of design decisions and zoning
    • Work with the personnel;
    • Results of the financially-marketing report presented by salon.

    By results of Award's following prize-winning places are provided.
    Till July, 20th sent questionnaire and a photo nominees, will be placed in competition materials in magazine «Spa Report».
    All participants of Competition receive diplomas, winners – diplomas and a firm prize.
    Also we can make the report on that on what, it is necessary to pay attention to salon and why.

    The File:
    Russian Spa Professional Awards’ passes with 2004.
    2004 – Nominations: the Best Spa centre
    2005 - the nomination is added: the Best specialist (the therapist, the cosmetologist, the specialist in manicure-pedicure)
    2007 – the nomination is added: the Best marketing company, technologies, presentations
    2008 - the nomination is added: the Best banya specialist in Spa

    If you want to see the list of out winners and photo: