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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.

Spa Awards

    Dear visitors,

    In the given section you can get acquainted with our project
    Russian Spa Professional Awards'

    As you see in the name of our Awards - is specified that it is the project,which is estimated by professionals of branch of beautiful business, representatives of the press.

    In different years about it wrote both conducting glossy, and professional magazines.

    It does not mean that any client cannot vote for the favourite salon or the expert,
    Please, participate.
    Write info@russiaspas.ru with a mark My favourite salon
    (It is obligatory to be presented and leave the address electronic posts, phone and etc.)
    The winner, will win a prize of "Client's Best spa".

    We wish to develop together with you Spa-industry!

    All lists and photos of winners, are published in magazine Spa report, and also we write
    In magazine Spa report: the guidebook.
    Buy and read http://eng.russiaspas.ru/en/spareport.phtml

    Russian Spa Professional Awards will be held in the framework of Russian SPA Industry Summit. This event will help to find the best SPA and the best specialists in the Industry. This is not only the estimation the industry's achievement but also the ways of its development.

    Russian Spa Professional Awards.
    Best specialist
    Best SPA centre
    Best Spa marketing company

    Nominations of Best specialist:

    Best spa therapist
    Best spa cosmetologist
    Best specialist in SPA manicure
    Best specialist in SPA pediure
    Best banya specialist

    Nominations of Best SPA centre is subdivided on:

    Best Day SPA
    Best SPA resort
    Best SPA hotel
    Best resort't SPA center without natural springs application
    Best natural bathing SPA
    Best beauty salon with SPA elements
    Best International Spa center

    The File:
    Russian Spa Professional Awards passes with 2004.
    2004 Nominations: the Best Spa centre
    2005 - the nomination is added: the Best specialist (the therapist, the cosmetologist, the specialist in manicure-pedicure)
    2006 Because Spa Summit passed in Gelendzhik, competition for specialist was not spent.
    2007 the nomination is added: the Best marketing company, technologies, presentations
    2008 - the nomination is added: the Best banya specialist in Spa,
    the nomination of the Best massagist it is changed to spa therapist,
    the Best cosmetologist it is changed to spa cosmetolodist.
    the nominations "Spa object" was not spent.

    If you want to see the list of out winners and photo:

Spa News in Russia

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05.03   Spa for clients - a plot on television channel "Moscow suburbs". In a plot there was Ms.M.Kuchurkina interview (Guild of Spa), an interview to the client of sanatorium "Revital", display of professional technics of massage (A.Mazaev, Academy of Spa). Leaving demonstration "Spa home school ". Plot in Russian. ...
02.03   "A place of Russia in world spa business" interview the director of Spa Guild Ms. M.Kuchurkina
10.01   Opening, changes and closing of Spa centres
08.05   The 6th of May is the first day of sale the analytical book The Works standards of beauty staff
18.03   New issue -Spa report 1'09 - in internet form
18.02   Spa Publishing house -new book in 2009!
19.12   New Spa report 4'08
04.12   SPA Cuisine appeared on the shelves.
08.10   V Russian Spa Industry Summit 2008
08.10   V Russian Sp Professional Awards 2008
02.07   Doors Open Day was arranged by the Guild of SPA Experts 27, June 2008.
02.07   Academy of SPA-Esthetics was certified by ITEC (England) in SPA-therapist
26.05   15-16 May, Russia, Perm.
18.04   Ronald Jean (USA) in Moscow
15.04   New issue "Spa Industry today" -main book in Russia
08.02   First courses in Spa Academy in 2008
03.12   New project - Club "Spa Client" in Russia
Spa -industry today  book- first and one in Russian Spa!
Spa -industry today book- first and one in Russian Spa!
On table each European director salon of the beauty
On table each European director salon of the beauty
Spa report 2'09
Spa report 2'09