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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.



  • New financial article the financial aspects in business of health and beauty industry
  • Hong Kong: the place where the East meets the West
  • Yin and Yang aspects in Spa procedures
  • The fragrance of loving mood
  • Vegetable oils - almond fascination
  • Master-class of Lomi Lomi massage an ancient recovery methodic for modern life
  • Energetic nourishing care of La Biosthetique



  • Spa trend in 2008
  • Totals V Russian Spa Industy Summit'08
  • V Russian Spa professional Awards'08
  • Dolder:architectral history of the best resort in Zurich
  • Journeys- Guild's of spa Europe trip in Russian and in Ebglish
  • New rubric -ingrediens - emolenci and liposomi
  • Magic sesame oil
  • Lemongrass or lemon herb
  • New in Russia- Brashing bodies-hidden reserves
  • Master-class, Novelties
  • In English version (Kaleidoscope)
  • Totals V Russian Spa Industy Summit'08
  • V Russian Spa professional Awards'08
  • Academy of Spa esthetics and Itec for the first time in Eastern Europe
  • Guild's of spa Europe trip.



  • Spa cosmetology-hand-made cosmetics
  • Life in rose...............oil
  • As in light haze of the mist
  • Bermudskiy procedures or triangle conflict
  • Chromotherapy:white and black
  • Harmony in yoga
  • Banya Contest in April 2008 in English
  • Master-class, Novelties



  • Totals of the Marketing concurs Russian Spa Professional Awards( in Russian and in English)
  • Development Spa in hotel
  • Review Spa Finder
  • Review - the milk , spa for men
  • Chromoterapiya
  • Spa cuisine in bath procedure
  • Spa Academy one year
  • OPI- istory of trade mark
  • Master-class
  • Novelties, News


  • Spa trend-industry in Russia in 2007
  • III Russian Spa Industry Summit and Professional Spa Awards
  • Spa-cuisine
  • New year's care in spa
  • Anti-age spa treatment
  • New rubric -chromotherapie
  • The master-classes
  • Novelties,news.
  • In Endlish :
  • Spa trend for 2008
  • Dossie of Spa Guild



  • The Second number of the magazine "SPA report" for 2007 left in new registration.
  • Changed the logotype, branded colour, model of the cover, font decisions. 
  • Beside magazine now absolutely new design, light and graceful, functional and modern.
  • American SPA: The dreams, children and "clever" exotic thing.
  • Spa in Europe
  • Spa skin treatment: serious care for skin Sea bliss spa-feeding
  • Spa cook
  • Tasty life English part
  • Journey: SPA Slovenia: on way to world-level "Tropikanki" against cellulite
  • Master-classes
  • Personnel: from star before Gourmet
  • The Novelty to News


  • 1’07   

    • Russian Spa Trend 2007
    • Nua Wellness Spa:
      Nothing except enjoyments
    • Shower Sharko magic stream
    • Life or work? And that, and the other
      Opinion of the expert
    • Vostokovedenie: happiness in sac
    • Master-class Let chebek will always be hot!
    • Spa meal: spicy taste of the pleasure
    • Personnel: Joy of the work for THANK YOU
    • Novelties
    • News


    • Result  Russian Spa Industry Summit'06

    • Winners of the Russian Spa Professional Awards'06

    • Tendency:


    • Practical:

      Vishy show

    • East therapy:

      Aurveda - secrets of anti-age

    • Marketing:

      How beauty sold

      All in event!

    • Master-class:

      In 40th years only born!

    • Russian skaska "Lukomorie"

    • Spa  nourishing

    • New!!! Experts pages

    • News


    • The program of performances(statements), Participants, the Schedule the master-classes

    • On Russian Spa Industry Summit

    • Competition Russian Spa Professional Awards ’ 06

    • Practical work – a new life of beauty (the program on care of pregnant patients)

    • Image – what photos says

    • Marketing  

      To whom and what we sell?

    • Personally. Professionally.

    • Concepts

    • Pending pleasures – a reception hall in Spa

    •  Special release Spa Report Kaleidoscope – a series of clauses(articles) in English – the announcement of work of Guild and clause(article).

    • Spa-food(-meal)

    • Food of gods

    • No conventional medicine

    • Massage by crystals

    • The master-class

    • Spirit of the shaman

    • Energy of rest

    • The international academy of the SPA Esthetic – schedules of employment(occupations)

    • The personnel – Self-management

    • Tendencies-reviews Spa Finder

    • Novelties

    • News


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    • : Interbad'2006:
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    Spa News in Russia

    24.01   Education & meeting 2018
    24.09   Education & meeting 2017
    18.09   The lecture in RUDN University
    23.03   Edition of the Spa Sessions manual, Singapore,March2017
    22.12   Education 2016
    01.04   Education in 2015
    11.12   Education in 2014
    20.03   Education in 2013
    17.02   Education in June,July,May, April, March, February, 2011
    16.12   New salons in Russia
    01.07   Spa tour in Bulgaria
    05.03   Spa for clients - a plot on television channel "Moscow suburbs". In a plot there was Ms.M.Kuchurkina interview (Guild of Spa), an interview to the client of sanatorium "Revital", display of professional technics of massage (A.Mazaev, Academy of Spa). Leaving demonstration "Spa home school ". Plot in Russian. ...
    02.03   "A place of Russia in world spa business" interview the director of Spa Guild Ms. M.Kuchurkina
    10.01   Opening, changes and closing of Spa centres
    12.10   Guild spa in Slovenia (04-10th of October 2009)
    16.07   M.KUCHURKINA gave interview a portal Spa Life
    04.06   Guild has taken part in the first presentation CRONWELL HOTELS&RESORTS IN RUSSIA
    04.06   GRAND OPENING in Astrakhan
    08.05   The 6th of May is the first day of sale the analytical book The Works standards of beauty staff
    07.05   In books "Spa Industry:Coming of Age"(India) was the acticle from Guild of spa experts
    18.03   New issue -Spa report 1'09 - in internet form
    18.02   Spa Publishing house -new book in 2009!
    19.12   New Spa report 4'08
    04.12   SPA Cuisine appeared on the shelves.
    02.07   Doors Open Day was arranged by the Guild of SPA Experts 27, June 2008.
    02.07   Academy of SPA-Esthetics was certified by ITEC (England) in SPA-therapist
    26.05   15-16 May, Russia, Perm.
    18.04   Ronald Jean (USA) in Moscow
    15.04   New issue "Spa Industry today" -main book in Russia
    08.02   First courses in Spa Academy in 2008
    Spa -industry today  book- first and one in Russian Spa!
    Spa -industry today book- first and one in Russian Spa!
    On table each European director salon of the beauty
    On table each European director salon of the beauty
    Spa report 2'09
    Spa report 2'09