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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.







Dear guests,
In 2008 we have continued expansion of nominations of Russian Spa Professional Awards.
New nomination - "The Best Banya specialist", April 2008, Suzdal.
We have cancelled a nomination "The Best Spa centre" - after 4 years we have paid attention that salons and judges (press) tried to receive contacts and development of the projects, without respect for organizers.
We do not see now the salons, which worthy ranks of the Best Spa-salon, according to our standards.
Three years we prepared and have published the book "Spa-cuisine".
Carried out regional actions and conferences. Active development of programs of training in the International academy of Spa Esthetics, in 2008 we schools Itec (Great Britain) have received the international accreditation.


On February, 15-18th we were visitors of press-tour on the threshold of exhibitions Interbad (Germany).

On February, 21-23st there has passed an expert trip to St.-Petersburg.There was accepted decision to conduct the actions not for all client for familiarization with spa-industry. The Guild conducts it is enough action and curriculum, will publish the magazine "Spa report" and series of the books. Moreover on Russina Spa Industry Summit'07 were present the leadinging investment companies form St-Petersburg. During trip we have visited sky resort "Igora" (the new member to Guild), and Spa centre "Spasibo".

We participated at an exhibition "Intourmarket".

Vallex M Company and Guild Spa have conducted Seminar of Ronald Jean (USA) Creation of SPA,17 April 2008.
Seminar was conducted by Marina Kuchurkina (Director of the Guild of Russian SPA Experts)
Ronald Jean SPA Expert, Director of Interdesign Spa Consulting Group AisA Corporation/ Brueckner Group/ Pevonia Canada, lecturer of the Academy of the Modern Esthetics Sylvie Hennessy, member of the Board of Directors of the Leading SPAs of Canada.

The first time in the world has passed Awards on a rank "the Best Banya specialist in Spa". Suzdal.
Look the information http://eng.russiaspas.ru/en/spaaward/photo/photo2/phtml

Beauty of the Spring Sun at the SPA Summit in Krasnodar!
8-10 May, 2008, Krasnodar, Russia.
The Guild of Russian SPA Experts and its partners visited the leading SPA destinations of Krasnodar: wellness club Crystal and SPA centre Europe-SPA opened in March. We thank the managers and personnel fop the high-class organization.
The Conference Day, 9 May, was conducted within the scope of the Krasnodar fair The Spring Charm.

15-16 May, Russia, Perm.
The Guild of SPA Experts (Moscow) participated in the educational seminar for the hoteliers.
"Event make" (Nijni Novgorod) together with the AMAKS HOTEL UNIVERSITY prepared a two-days program for the General Managers and Hospitality Professionals in a unique resort of Perm Region Ust-Kachka. This event can boast a vast geographical coverage, as it has brought together the professionals from the best recreation regions of Russia: Perm, Vladimir, Essentuki, Pyatigorsk, Chaikovsky, Belgorod, Nijni Novgorod, Demodkovo, etc.
The issue of the first day was Planning and Implementation of SPA in a Hotel. Marina Kuchurkina, Director of the National Guild of SPA Experts, conducted the seminar. First of all, the latest trends in the SPA industry in Russia and abroad were discussed. Then, the participants were presented the schemes of proper planning and budgeting in SPA, received recommendations on creation of SPA-programs and compellation of SPA-menu. The seminar was accompanied by the demonstration of the promo-videos of the most successful national and foreign SPAs.
The second day was devoted to the discussion of beauty salons operation from the point of view of SPA philosophy. Dr.Lubov Zavrajnih, vice-president of the quality control of the services in AMAKS Grand Hotels, and Anna Veselova, director of SPA-projects in AMAKS Grand Hotels, covered such topics as legislative basis, marketing programs, and recruitment.

Reception of the International accreditation and Open door.
Look the information
We have taken part in the first festival Vedalife

The first time has passed the international examination on reception of the international diploma in qualification "Spa-THERAPIST".
Russian Spa Professional Awards on a rank of the best Spa-centre is excellent.

V Russian Spa Industry Summit 08 which will pass since September, 22-24nd in Moscow. Look the information in the folder.
Russian Spa Professional Awards.

We've participated at exhibition Luxury (Moscow)

Visiting of exhibition Interbad.
Survey of objects of Spa in Switzerland and Germany, look the information in a folder.

Exit programs of training in N. Novgorod.

There was a book "Spa-cuisine".

You can familiarise with the list of publications about us: http://eng.russiaspas.ru/en/guild3.phtml

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15.04   New issue "Spa Industry today" -main book in Russia
08.02   First courses in Spa Academy in 2008
Spa -industry today  book- first and one in Russian Spa!
Spa -industry today book- first and one in Russian Spa!
On table each European director salon of the beauty
On table each European director salon of the beauty
Spa report 2'09
Spa report 2'09