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  • Bulgaria
Dear guests,
   10-15th of June 2010, the spa-tour of visitors of Guild of spa experts from Russia on plantation in Bulgaria has taken place. In the program visiting of factory, plantations, rest have taken place-. We thank our visitors - I.Zavodskuju (Samara), A.Bykovskogo (Ivanovo), V.Rizhskuju (Ekaterinburg), A.Nikolaevu (Vladivostok).

"To us very pleasant was to receive our visitors. Unfortunately, on family circumstances I couldn't accompany group, but the Bulgarian party has prepared and has carried out all declared actions. It is a pity to us that in Russia such scornful relation to our actions as with us together were group of experts of Japan which filmed and was delighted with company Ecomaat. Correctly, Japanese don't use Japanese коcметикой, but we - with other type of skin etc. are ill with the"Japanese"cosmetics made for export. When you will start to study history, the theory and to understand difference?
Japanese have shot new film about factories, we will show you it. We will be glad see you in group of next year.
And the main thing, we will invite distributors who sell production for the certain sum and for them to do our programs in Bulgaria. For those who doesn't understand, the company (Ecomaat) in 2011 will notice only decade of the company - and that the company for ten years - has made this magnificent development of the cosmetic business, one of the best companies in the world. (M.V.Kuchurkina, the director of Guild of Spa)

Company Ecomaat also has taken in June part at exhibition in Dubai.
We work and we wait for you. June 2011!