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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


Academy of SPA Esthetics and ITEC: for the first time in Eastern Europe

Academy of SPA Esthetics and ITEC: for the first time in Eastern EuropeAcademy of SPA Esthetics and ITEC: for the first time in Eastern Europe

26-29 August, Moscow, Academy of SPA-Esthetics together with ITEC conducted examination for the international diploma. Our pioneers were:

Evgeniya Plahina (graduate of the Academy, 2007; practicing therapist, Moscow)
Ludmila Udalova (practicing therapist, Orient Express, Moscow)
Tatiana Carvalho (graduate of the Academy, 2008; trainer of the cosmetic brand, Moscow)
Kseniya Matuhova (graduate of the Academy, 2007; practicing therapist in Usadba-SPA, Yaroslavl)

Exam consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical.
ITEC Supervisor tested theoretical knowledge of the candidates. First phase was devoted to work with the clients profiles. Candidates were supposed to fill in clients profile of their clients during the whole month, which included detailed personal data and her condition, treatment plan, recommendations, results, etc.
Second phase consisted of test prepared by ITEC covering all aspects of SPA-Industry. 25 questions included issues from general medicine (Why diabetes is considered to be contraindication against heating treatments?), as well as from business (Which SPAs are situated near thermal-water sources?). Time was limited by 30 minutes. The results were checked by ITEC reps only.
Academy of SPA-Esthetics controled practical skills of the candidates. That part was estimated according to: appearance of the specialist, working place preparation/decoration, welcoming and leading the client, SPA-Etiquette, SPA-Rituals. The Academy provided candidates with working area, couch and all dispensables. Every candidates was to demonstrate professional skills in conducting the following treatments:
Hydrotherapy (Vichy shower and underwater massage);
Hammam and sauna treatments.

Upon passing the examination, Academy of SPA-Esthetics is to provide written comments and report on mistakes. As ITEC is in charge of diploma issue, client profiles filled-in by the Russian candidates are translated first.
Results of the exam are expected to be received by:
15-20 Sept - test;
25-30 Sept client profiles; after analysis of the client profiles by ITEC we will be able to announce the first SPA-specialists in Eastern Europe., certified by the international diploma.

We have to admit that it was a difficult task to get prepared in such limited period of time. We had only one month. Unfortunately, a lot of candidates were not let participate in the first examination, as we put much value on the results.
As in every first-time event, we have identified important issues which are to be improved. Unfortunately, all the candidates made mistakes they were extremely nervous it is always difficult to be the first. Theoretical test was rather challenging. Our candidates had to find and repeat much theory, which is a heroic act for the specialists working full-time. We do appreciate it!
We faced certain mistakes in the practical part as well. First of all, the appearance of the specialist: not neat hair and not suitable uniform; secondly, while working with client smile lacked, towel management was weak (nervousness after the theoretical test had its impacts).
Nevertheless, our first participants of the exam are the best specialists in Russia, no doubts. Right indications for treatments, knowledge of SPA-Rituals, difficult treatments in hammam all this was performed by our candidates at the highest level.
Our requirements remain: compliance with the standards, whether it is SPA in New York, or Paris, or Tumen. There are no nationalities across SPA-Industry there are not Russian-, Italian-,or American-SPA. It is either SPA, or not. We know that our specialists face various situations: SPA opening might be delayed for a year, or SPA manager might be underqualified in management. We guarantee the skills and knowledge, high qualification we provide our students with. Further on, it is the responsibility of the managers, the way they support, educate and develop their specialists professionally. It is highly recommended to test specialists every three-four months by the third parties.
We plan certain changes in the educational programs. SPA Therapist course is enriched with brushing technique (used in prevailing SPA-cosmetic product lines) Theoretical part will be based on the ITEC theory book. Special attention will be paid to development of psychological resistance and readiness of the candidates for the exam and repeating SPA-Etiquette standards.
This exam has given us reasons to distinguish Evgeniya Plahina as the best SPA-specialist, whom we have invited to start training at the Academy of SPA-Esthetics.

Cooperation with ITEC gives us another important opportunity - to start sales of SPA-certificates using our media and marketing channels. In order to become the member of our database, SPA management will need to certify min 3 therapists at the Academy of SPA Esthetics and have them pass ITEC exam. This will automatically include SPA into SPA-Client Program. Further details on the procedures will be published later.
We thank our candidates, SPA-managers for supported and company Vallex M for the provision of Pevonia products.

Schedule for the next group:
First phase. Filling in clients profiles during one month (01 December 2008 - 01 January 2009) based on personal work.
Second phase. Practical and theoretical exams in the Academy of SPA-Esthetics. 26-29 January 2009.
Price 12000 rub. Discount for the students of the Academy of SPA-Esthetics 10%.
Orders from SPAs for salon certification conditions are negotiable.

International Certification Organization was founded in 1947 by Arnould Taylor and was named after him. 1973 it changed its name to ITEC. Jane Foulston became the head of ITEC in 1998 and remains its Director until now.

Academy of SPA-Esthetics was founded in 2006 in Moscow. It represents Educational Committee of the Guild of SPA Experts. Educational courses include:
SPA-Therapist (since 2007);
SPA-Cosmetologist (since 2008);
SPA-Administrator (since 2007);
SPA-Manager (since 2006).
Establishment of the trainers and lecturers includes 20 professionals.

: 29.08.08

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