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Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


V Russian Spa Industry Summit 2008

V Russian Spa Industry Summit 2008V Russian Spa Industry Summit 2008
22-24 September 2008.

Annually, Guild of SPA Experts welcomes long-awaited spa-professionals at its main event of year Russian SPA Industry Summit. In the previous years we conducted our meetings in Sochi (2004), Gelendjik (2006), however, Moscow and Moscow Region represent important zones of SPA-industry. The structure of the event was changed this year: familiarization SPA trips used to come on the last day of the summit. In 2008 we have arranged such a tour just before the main conference. 90% of the participants turned out to be our new clients, which renewed our database sufficiently. This is the key indicator of the development of the SPA industry in Russia for us. More than 50 professional from Moscow, Moscow Region, Ekaterinburg, Vladimir, Kostroma, Uhta, Tobolsk, Penza, Ijevst took part in the SPA Summit 2008. The results of this meeting will be seen in January 2009 already. Our main achievements are:
- presentation of the world statistics of the SPA industry for the first time;
- introduction of the new contributors/spokespeople;
- visit to the newly-opened SPAs;
- introduction of the new SPA-techniques;
- tasting of the natural products (basis for SPA-cuisine), such as tea and milk products.

Our event is distinguishable from the open seminars, conducted at the cosmetics-,tourism- and fitness-fairs. We are the professionals of the SPA-industry, which builds-up separate status for us, as well as gives us obligations. We are in charge of our contributors and techniques, that is why there is nothing unexpected in our life.

22 September
The first day of the Summit was marked by master-classes:
Yoga exercises;
Ayurvedic Massage;
Art-therapy in SPA. Sand Landscapes;
Premiere: buns massage Brazilian Buns as part of stone-therapy;
On-going demonstrations of the techniques provoked interest among Day-SPA managers as well as Hotel-SPAs managers.

23 September
The second day of the SPA Summit was devoted to the tour through SPAs of Moscow. Ritz Carlton SPA by ESPA welcomed our participants first and arranged visit to all zones, followed by active discussions. SPA Tour continued by visiting one of the thai SPA-chain - Bali Luxury and Day-SPA LBeauty.
Gala-Dinner and ceremony of V Russian SPA Professional Awards tool place in Villa Romashkovo.

24 September
Conferences were held on the last day of the Summit. Reports covered the following topics:
SPA-industry in Russia and world, 2008;
What should Investors know when planning SPA?
Equipment overview;
Ayurveda in SPA;
Personnel area of higher attention;
SPA-booking on-line;
Round table: new SPAs in Russia.
During the coffee-breaks the participants had the chance to get acquainted and taste 100% natural milk products, produced by the new milk farm.
We thank all the guests, contributors and managers of our partners.
Sponsors of the Summit 2008 were:
La Biostetiques (France);
Iera (Italy).

We are looking forward to meeting you in September 2009 at the 6th Russian Spa Industry Summit. We will definitely invent something distinguishable and only for you!

: 08.10.08

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Spa -industry today book- first and one in Russian Spa!
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