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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


V Russian Sp Professional Awards 2008

V Russian Sp Professional Awards 2008V Russian Sp Professional Awards 2008

Annual SPA Industry Awards are conducted by National Guild of SPA Experts in categories:
The Best SPA (since 2004)
The Best SPA-Specialist (since 2005)
The Best Marketing Campaign/ SPA Personality (since 2007)

Research was conducted among the end-clients and SPAs in the form of questionnaires in the period from September 2007 till July 2008, additionally educational seminars and master-classes were organized.

22 September 2008, Academy of SPA Esthetics (ASE) welcomed annual Russian SPA Professional contest in two categories: The Best SPA-Cosmetologist and The Best SPA-Therapist.

Jury of the contest consisted of:
E. Rankova (trainer of ASE, trainer of the company IERA, internationally certificated specialist);
E. Sidorenko (trainer of ASE, practicing SPA-therapist);
T. Shubina (trainer of Balance Cosmetic);
V. Gutman (trainer of ASE, practicing specialist).

Ranking in the category The Best SPA-Cosmetologist:

1st place Yudina Anna (Esthetic Centre Koroleva, Kostroma)
2nd place Zubova Elena (Oriental Express, Moscow)
3rd place Dunaiskaya Irina (practicing specialist in Moscow)

Ranking in the category The Best SPA-Therapist:

No 1st place
2nd place is shared between Chebotarev Nikolai/Glebova Tatiana (ESPA Ritz Carlton, Moscow) and Obukhova Anastasia (Esthetic Centre Koroleva, Kostroma)
3rd place Gerasimov Yuri (SPA Orchid, Ijevsk)

According to the conditions of the contest specialists were supposed to show their professional skills in:
preparation of the working place (45 min);
filling in the Clients Profile (10 min);
treatment (60-90 min).

Category SPA-Therapist was introduced for the first time this year instead of SPA-Masseuse. We admit that our contest is very challenging in terms of standards and requirements, which is impossible to conduct at the fairs. This also explains limited amount of participants.

All members of the jury coincided in the opinion that SPA-cosmetologists had shown higher qualification than therapist.

The results were not surprising. Participants experience influence of different factors during the contest, which effect their performance. Thus, those specialists win who are supported morally, technically, financially by their manager.

All SPA Award-winners received educational certificates from the Academy of SPA-Esthetics, for total sum of 50.000 rub. Second prize in the category SPA-therapist was additionally rewarded by Thalassobretagne, France, by the certificates for education for more than 20.000 rub.

We wish we could see greater variety of the treatments in the SPA-Cosmetologist category the next year. There are so many impressive SPA-rituals, which let demonstrate not only cosmetic-products effect, but also skills and professionalism of the specialist, such as Ayurvedic Facial, Spanish Facial, Lymphodrainage Massage of the Face, etc. SPA-therapists could include treatments in hammam and hydrotherapy in the contest-program.

In general, we are glad to see the progress of the professionalism of the SPA Awards participants, which encourages and stimulates us for further work. We thank all the competitors, jury members and company Thalassobretagne.

The Best SPA
This category was cancelled in 2008.

Unfortunately, there are several SPAs potential winners which are behind the investment and construction schedules. So the decision has been made to stop nominating just-opened SPAs, starting from this year.
We do not want to turn Russian SPA Professional Awards into promo-campaign, where nomination The Best SPA is introduced just to accomplish the list of nominations. None of the former winners develops SPA-Client program, there are no issues for the end-client with good distribution network, no schedule for centralized events for clients is worked out, no outdoor advertisement, etc. All mentioned above exists and functions effectively in Yoga. However, SPA-industry is much wider than separate discipline of Yoga! We do not see the situation as critical. Russian SPA Professional Awards enjoys high degree of awareness and credible reputation. We are not in a hurry and are happy to wait as much as SPAs need to become The Best SPA. Some SPAs are getting prepared for three years already to apply for the competition. We do encourage compliance with the standards of SPA-industry and ask SPAs to take time for this. Plan, open and invite our jury.
It remains of utmost importance for us that SPA-Industry in Russia corresponds to the world standards.

The Best Marketing Campaign/Personality

Research in the form of questionnaire was conducted among 300 SPAs of different regions of Russia, during the period from 01 July until 31 August. Geographical coverage of the research included such regions as: Moscow, St-Petersburg, Vladimir, Kostroma, Belgorod, Saratov, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Irkutsk, etc.

The winners in the category The Best SPA-Industry Brand are:
Martines, brand Ericson Laboratorie The Best Face SPA-Treatment;
Thalion Russie, brand Thalion The Best Body SPA-Treatment.

Winner in the category SPA-Style Personality Olga Gulkova (Iera).

Worth mentioning is that companies-winners of the previous year have repeated their achievements. (See the list of the winners 2007 at www.russiaspa.ru or can be sent by request).
How can we comment the results? The group of winners is very limited? Well, yes. Starting from the beginning of the year 2008 until August 2008 we have witnessed 5-6 presentations of spa-cosmetic brands, SPAs and other related events. Is it enough for SPA-Industry of such big country? Why should we then be surprised by low sales? Why dont you lead the client and introduce the trends?

This year we have included several questions about Internet into the questionnaire, such as Do you use Internet-resources during your work? The result seemed to be crucial: 97,2% of respondents did not know what was meant at all. However, we could predict such situation. This is our reality, which should be changed given such great rise of the industry. Starting from the foundation of the Guild of SPA we have been asking our clients, partners and members to use Internet while working with us. We constantly update our website, analyze 300 specialized portals in the whole world. Today we get 30% of clients thanks to Internet-resources. We continue our active performance in the electronic space. On-line blog devoted to SPA will be created soon, on-line subscription and selling of books via Internet will be available for our website visitors, etc.

You are the professionals of SPA-industry, you are to create and develop it in Russia, you chose and define the trends. Our task is to collect information and analyze it. We are waiting for actions from your side we are always there for you to support!

Marina Kuchurkina
National Guild of SPA-Experts in Russian

: 08.10.08

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