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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow подробнее...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


Opening, changes and closing of Spa centres

Dear guests,

We actively trace a situation of development of Spa of business in the market, with your help or with your counteraction. It is very a pity to us that we, and many predicted closing of some objects. Do not think that there is only a closing of salons. There are new objects - but we will meaningly not write press releases for спа salons, has a little bothered. For this reason we do not publish glossy magazine Spa Report.

February 2010

Since 01st March, salon "Senhorita" is closed.

January 2010
The official information from a site salon:
For holders of subscriptions and Gift certificates.
We apologise for the delivered inconveniences and excitement.
Dear clients of Spa of the centre, in connection with cancellation unilaterally contracts of rent and eviction from a premise to the address: street Kuznetsovsky, д.21 Spa the centre is closed.
Obligations to you we will execute in full. Yours faithfully, administration of Spa of the centre Egida.

On 24th December, 2009.
To us on training at the rate "Hydrotherapy" clients who will create new object in Reutov have come and to compensate to clients of club "City" all bought subscriptions.
All world of Spa-ONLY at us! We wish successful realisation and we will help. For us, it is a gift. We love only such gifts.

On 21st December,
The management club "City" fitness has disappeared. It is a network has been located in the nearest Moscow suburbs, one of the largest clubs - in Balashikha. Having raised money for sale of annual cards on 2010, including services of Spa, the management has disappeared. All equipment was in leasing. Criminal case, in search heads. We knew that in the given club not everything is all right but expect the such could not. For four months Spa-manager which tried to develop Spa a direction before has left, the adviser who has worked two months has been employed - the fee for services has not been paid. It was two months ago. Such acts in our business - pretty often. We neither respect anybody, nor we love, except ourselves. But that so...

It is closed :
Network of hotels "Lomoliitto" (Finland) declared bankruptcy. To closing are planned spa-hotel Casino in Savonlinke, spa-hotel Yllas-Saaga in Julljasjarvi, etc. chain hotels.

Since 01st December,2009 spa centre "Oaziya soa" on the new address has officially moved. Under the informal information - it is different projects.

The main change - in St.-Petersburg the big growth of Spa of objects. It is joyful that, at last "the cultural" capital is left by communication of brothels and спа salons. We always spoke about it, cease to gossip and discuss, do the international projects and all will leave. But the given accent of "publicity" has moved towards Yekaterinburg, in open access 5-7 spa salons intimate services render........ How long?
We are set some months and we ask questions - why St.-Petersburg has decided to become capital banya spa complexes? Really at you such fine climate that you did the given projects? You so aspire to resemble Germany so why, you then do not do a copy of high-grade objects (instead of the truncated versions with one saunas) park of saunas? Why you do not put payment as in Germany 10-14 euros for 4-6 hours?
It is a question of open discussion. We will publish any your opinions with the reference to you.
We plan a trip to St.-Petersburg, we hope, at last, that we will see the objects corresponding to the international standards.

Are closed:
October 2009.
Club "Petrovkasports" is closed. Owners write, that search for the operating company, that sell a building.

September 2009.
Rixos Royal Spa (Moscow).
Again and again.
To us the client from whom the certificate on visiting of the given club till October, 28th is bought has addressed. We have forwarded inquiry to the company which should be engaged in the new project on an old place. The answer is not present. We can officially achieve nothing. How many it is possible - has wanted has opened, has wanted has replaced the name, has wanted has closed? There are press conferences and press releases. How many was clients who have lost money when it was closed спа club on Petrovka. It is a shame to us with a management spa salons, and to you?
And so insufficient quantity of clients спа services, and you still lose the devoted.

Are closed:
Spa studio (Bolotnikovsky)
Salon La sante (Ekaterinburg) the owner Mr. Jury Brezgin has sold the salon.
Beauty salon "City Orange" phones and e-mail do not work.
Lagoon-spa in Gold keys, without having had time to open, is on sale.
Spa-continent (St.-Petersburg) does not answer phones.
ENVY spa studio (St.-Petersburg) is closed.
Salon "Orchid" a Krasnogorsk phones do not answer.
Salon "Vishy svet" (Moscow) is closed.

Salon "Monet"-spa elements were in salon on Tver, all have cleaned. Time of changes is not specified.
The salon in hotel Kempinski (Moscow) has again replaced the tenant, it already the second time for a year. Now it will be a nominal beauty salon of new French mark. Will exchange or something when the question on association of salon and a pool zone is not solved? Will show time............

Дата: 10.01.10

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