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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow ...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


Events and education in November and December 2010

Events and education in November and December 2010Dear sirs,

The Academy Spa will be glad to see you!

In December we represent a new technique "Bali oil
In staff the new teacher Marina Sevijan . The doctor of dermatocosmetologist, the practising expert in fitness club.Specialization - the Base course of cosmetology, Spa-cosmetologist, training on production Ecomaat.
In staff new teacher Andrey Kukin (a test mode) .The expert certificated under programs: massage classical, Thai massage, aromatherapy, etc. Experience of teaching of Thai massage with 2005, protection of the diploma in a theme "Aromatherapy".Practising expert in fitness club. Andrey Kukin carries out training on disciplines - Thai massage. Other techniques on exit training.
Evgenie Plahina - there has passed test, her disciplines - hydrotherapy, Lymphodrainage massage, stonetherapy, treatment in hammam and banya, massage hand ans feet with aromatherapy and Gyaza therapy.

Actions in December:

13th of December - an underwater shower-massage. We thank our student Z.P.Kiselevu from Yamal-Nenets district.

01 st of December,- the Open day.

The program:
Acquaintance to new teachers - Evgenie Plahina and Marina Sevijan.
Competition presentation "Best Bannya specialist" 2011
Presentation of "the International examination ITEC"
Displays (partial)-Aromawrapping of "Ecomaat"
Massage of feet, hands by means of tools Guaza,
Bali oil massage

Was trained in November 2010.

02nd of November-Stonetherapy. We thank students O.Myskinu (Krasnodar) and to O.Veselov (Moscow).
03rd of November - the Closed master class of the winner Banya Award S.Serebrovova for the teacher of Academy Spa-E.Plahina, a master class of teacher E.Plahina for S.Serebrovova -stonetherapy.
11th of November -Lymphodrainage massage.We thank students-Y. Krasovy (Dmitrov), A.Zelekinu (Vladimir).

Training in St.-Petersburg:
01-02st of November, Spa-etiquette, Retails. N.Rastrygina
04-05th of November, Algorithms of reception of clients. M.Kuchurkina
06-07th of November, Client of spa, team of spa estitique. A.Matveev

Training in Krasnoyarsk:
02st of Novemner - Aromamassage.
03-04th of Novemner -Thai massage
05 th of November -Stonetherapy
The teacher - Andrey Kukin

Spa-industry in St.-Petersburg.
M.V.Kuchurkina - the director of Academy and Guild of Spa

All has exchanged? We will look.

I hope.
I have arrived to carry out training in the new opening Center of beauty and harmony "Kamerton".

Refined design in "the French" modern style, the big spectrum of services, a huge choice of hardware cosmetology, active directions of Spa of technologies. Fine conditions for the personnel.
Certainly, questions are. Show me at least one object in which in every minute, unless it is not necessary to reflect over something. But there are professional questions, and is flowing and requirements to them different.
The personnel - is opened to reception of the new information, and the main thing with desire to work. The first time I have seen the persons aspiring to harmonization of development of the life, owning fast reaction.

All of us are teachers of Academy of Spa, have enjoyed very much from training. For what thanks all students, and proprietresses of object. After presentation we will in detail write about object.

The personnel in hotel "Sokos" was replaced. I only have looked at object, me the condition of saunas after 2 years of work interested. As the supplier - our partner, I should expert trace all questions of development of objects.

I know that many objects have opened, but me excite only with what we work. So level of professional and amateur salons is defined. I am glad that the situation in the market changes, even without our participations. Not nevertheless for us to prepare base, let for others on work too. And we while have turned out experience which isn't present at one company in Europe. Therefore, who can, that and will plan work with us, please, we are glad to see. Everyone is worthy the best.

21-22st of February, the director of Guild of Spa M.V.Kuchurkina has visited St.-Petersburg.

During a trip we have visited a mounting skiing resort of "Igora" (the new liveryman), in which in October 2007. The big Spa has been opened. "Zoning and design of a premise causes many questions, but programs on training of the personnel and the beginning of programs of development on the higher point. We are very glad that the management has entered the stable form of payment of the personnel, the program of training of the personnel that for St.-Petersburg - the magnificent decision.We will be glad to see the given object at our competition on a rank of the Best object and expert Russian Spa Professional Awards".Center "SpaSibo" became the second object Spa.
"The given object can be carried only to salon with elements , difficult to estimate the given object...
The only thing that gives to hope of the development, already turned out medical programs created by the parent medical center "Ecological medicine"."I visit St.-Petersburg with 1994. Many different directions: if in Moscow one of the main things a development problem salon business - experts who work"in-home"and get a job to take away base of clients of salons" on the house ". That in St.-Petersburg - the main task of owners to lease offices to masters - any standards and service guarantees. And it proceeds 13 years. What programs of work with heads who they are heads? At the best heads - the cosmeticians who have opened salons and the centers. Therefore the majority of the Moscow companies aren't happy with business development in St.-Petersburg.Across Spa - we remember that St.-Petersburg differs still that the sex industry is covered with a word of Spa...Absolute absence of management in new opening Spa hotel Holiday Club, change of an operating command in hotel "Astoria" - also is the international systems of hotels! Coming back to our clients on Russian Spa Industry Summit where each investment group declared "We we will make the best object in Europe"... My reaction when I hear "We we will make the best...................." - I cease to communicate. The first time from all my trips, I see the first sprouts of development of business. My purpose was to familiarize with objects and to understand, how much they are ready to accept students of our programs of training of the International Academy of Spa of an esthetics. It is not satisfied. Time is, about what to write, means, we are waited by about what to write pleasantly... We wish all successes!

02nd of March, the meeting of the proprietress of the leading international publishing house "Spa Finder" of Mrs. Susie Ellis and M.Kuchurkina, director of Guild Spa in St.-Petersburg
has taken place. The program of visitings of Spa of objects of St.-Petersburg in which has been made have entered: Salon Madam the Grandee, and also Spa the center Easter express of a network Beauty Planet. M.Kuchurkina has received the invitation to be visitors on Global Spa Summit which will pass in New York.

: 16.12.10

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Spa -industry today  book- first and one in Russian Spa!
Spa -industry today book- first and one in Russian Spa!
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