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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow подробнее...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


Education in June,July,May, April, March, February, 2011

Education in June,July,May, April, March, February, 2011Dear guest,

We will be glad to see you!

Has passed:

19th July, - the Individual course "Investments into Spa".
22nd July, A facial massage of Ahabadze.

 16th Hydrotherapy. E.Plahina.
The Course "Spa-cosmetology" on 23rd May, till 03rd June
On 23rd May, The Theory. The form and painting of eyebrows and eyelashes. The theory, cards of the client, support (at the rate Spa-cosmetology).
On 24th May, A facial massage after Jacque, Ahabadze. Spa-care for face. The lecturer M.Sevijan.
On 25th May, The Ayurveda - the Theory, the Ayurveda facial massage. Lecturer -V. Simulle
On 26th May, Spa-ETIQUETTE. Retails. To the program are invited both experts, and managers.
Lecturer N.P.Rastrygina.
On 27th May, Stonetherapy. The lecturer-E.Plahina
On 28th May, Aromamassage - Shiatsu. Lecturer E.Plahina.
On 31st May, Epilation. The lecturer-I.Starostenko.
On 01st June, the Facial massage of Ahabadze. Spa-FACE CARE. The lecturer M.Sevijan. Examination in a course of Spa-cosmetology.
On 02-03nd June, Spanish massage. The Lecturer - M.Sevijan/
Difference at payment on courses training of Spa-cosmetology:
For separate days you buy training of 10 days of 70.000 roubles, at course payment-35.000 roubles.
Choose, at once be defined, record is spent only at advance payment entering. Those who only begins the career, or supplement the data, we are glad to see you on separate days of training.

The Course "Spa-administrator" since 24th May,
24th Retails. Spa-ETIQUETTE. (N.Rastrygina)

29th of April. Lymphodrainage massage.Lector-M.Seviyan/
    On one of photos - delivery of the diploma to the teacher the Academy Spa-E.Plahina, for assistance development of Spa industry within the limits of an exhibition in Ekaterinburg in September 2010. Look archive of our actions.
On one of a photo: the student of the course Spa-therapist - L.Vorontsova, students of the course of Spa-director-L.Kan, V.Kulichenkova, teachers of Academy Spa - of E.Plahina and N.Rastrygina and the owner of firm DA-studio - P.V.Zubkov - the partner and the owner of office in which we spend our programs. Thanks all.

Has passed a course of Spa director on 11-15th April,2011
Spa-director On 14th April, has passed an open day and training hydrotherapy.
Open day on April, 14th, the Program:
Consultation How to work with the book "Standards of work of the personnel of beautiful business".
Indicative examination of spa-admistrator. A.V.Gurova has protected the diploma - has made 10 new correct programs in Spa club at fitness center. Has sold for 2 weeks 3 complex programs for clients that can be the best gift for us. Thanks.
Thanks of our guest from Suzdal (we will carry out training in May).
 Since 13-20th of April, has passed the second year of spa-therapist. We congratulate the fine student from Krasnodar Lyudmila Vorontsovu.
In training there will be students of a course, and pupils on separate disciplines. Instead of the Ayurveda - Thai massage, instead of aromamassazha - massage of feet, hands, heads. In connection with the minimum group of students it is reduced 1 days-theories, marketing. Students will be trained during other time with group during
The schedule:
On 20th April, Treatment in hammam. V.Egorov
On 19th April, Thai massage. The second day. A.Kukin
On 18th April, Stonetherapy. Examination E.Plahina
On 17th April, Massage of feet, hands, heads. E.Plahina.
On 16th April, Marketing. . M.Kuchurkina
On 15th April, Thai massage. The first day. A.Kukin
On 14th April, Hydrotherapy. the Underwater shower-massage, a shower of Sharko, souls of Vichy.
On 13th April, Lymphodrainagemassage E.Plahina

On 10th April, Lymphodraiinage massage. E.Plahina. Training at the rate of House school of Spa.

In 2011. It is cancelled carrying out of IV Russian Spa Professional - Banya Awards.
"It is possible to be upset, but it is not recommended. I am glad that we don't spend more action - to make a helpless gesture, lift feet, hands, to obscure a head to clients. Without us - it is a lot of it. I did this Competition - for expansion of sales банного training, and under conditions that everyone knows, how that - hasn't brought to me due result. To tell that one manager has decided to refuse participation for a week to participate in the competitive project, it is a lot of honor. Training - is on sale for those who understands. And me very much pleases that every day we carry out training. Competition will be spent time in two years, as well as all international банные exhibitions. What volume - such both result. And we transfer an open day for dates on May, 18th 2011г, we save your and our time. At last, with last groups of training which don't pass examinations from the first, I had a mood and I write the book" Standards of work of the admistrator ", we develop tests and new techniques. Seeing new objects, I am glad that we don't hold Competitions. In the near future - training on treatment in a bath and hammam. "(M.V.Kuchurkina, the director).

01-02st March,Ayurveda. The theory. Head massage. Abyanga Lecture-V.Simmule
01st March, Treatment in banya. The lecturer V.Egorov
03rd March, Spa-etiquette. To the program are invited both experts, and managers. lecture- N.P.Rastrygina.
04th March, Aromamassage Lecture-E.Plahina

On course "Spa-administration" - 03rd,16th-17th and 22nd of March,08th of April . 16th March, The theory, cards of the client, support. lecturer E.Plahina
17th March, Work with spa menu. Examination in a course of Spa-therapist. To the program are invited both experts, and managers. lecturers M.Kuchurkina, E.Plahina.

 09th February, has passed master class display at an exhibition in Gostini dvor.
16th February, Epilation. The form and painting of eyebrows and eyelashes.
We thank students to O.Osipov, A.Nikolaevu, A.Pokryevu.
16th February, Hydrotherapy. An underwater shower-massage. on base "Likasta Beauty"
We thank students N.Potopovu, O.Morozovu, T.Vissarionova, E.Pokrytovu.
25th February, Lymphodrainage massage.
28th February, Stonetherapy
The Closed training for Spa of hotel in Suzdal on the basis of office.
28th February. Treatment in hammam. The lecturer V.Egorov

24th February, Facial massage on Ahabadze the lecturer - M.Seviyan
25th February, Facial massage after Jacque. Painting and the form of eyebrows and eyelashes. the lecturer-M. Seviyan

Дата: 17.02.11

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