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The International Academy of Spa esthetics

Since 2006 the International Academy of spa Esthetics has opened the doors in Moscow подробнее...
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa management - first and one for Russian manager
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.
Spa cuisine - The first systematised scientific book in the world.


Education in July,June, May 2012

Dear guests,

24th July Bali's aromamassage.
17th July Sharko's Shower.

June On 02nd June Aromamassage. Aroma wrapping.
We thank ours to student Skryabin O. In from Yakutsk. Our student was trained on June 11,13-15. That complex training - in April own of spa salon in kurs Spa director, in June the leading expert, in September opening means. We wish good luck!
On 11th June Lymphodrainage massage.
On 13th June Treatment in a banya and hammame.
On 14th June Shower's Sharko.
On 15th June Massage of feet, hands.
On 18th June the Underwater shower massage on the basis of a beauty salon Sportlayn club Fitness.

News of June.

The program of creation of tests is finished. Since 01st June Obtaining the Diploma only when receiving 80 % of results from dough.At smaller, the diploma in day of training doesn't stand out - training free to the necessary result, according to the schedule.

It is a high time for an epilation in the summer! Producers developed new types wax.
We invite you to training - professional development on an epilation. Come to correction of your skills.
Our teacher has 15 summer experience in Epilation training, there is no certificated teacher upon purchase waxes, be not under a delusion.

Ayurveda technique of an epilation. Emphasis on new wax. Shugaring. Too most, as any wax.
11-16.00 (vzaisimost from group and zones). Cost of 4.000 rubles, only at group from 3 students.

Plastic facial massage, by the SPA Academy technique
On 29th May.Sharko's Shower. We thank a network of MKTs salons "Galleri +" and all present students.
On 27th May Ayurveda.
On 26th May Treatment in a banya and хаммаме.
On 25th May Plastic facial massage. We thank students from Moscow, Volgograd, Ivanov and Perm.

Premiere! In May there is the second book "Standards of work of the personnel of beautiful business:Manager "
"The book won't be on sale. As well as the first book is protocols of lectures of our training. You can't work with these materials. The main question - sales, the goods calculation, and also conflictology - at the rate of sales. It doesn't mean that we didn't use this information on the previous training, but, as well as practice shows - it is necessary detailed to write down everything in the form of protocols and rigidly to demand on testing and games. And not once. For heads - thanks to those who orders our training. Dear heads if you have no educations, it is possible to speak about what team and the personnel. Everywhere the collective farm and a mestechkovost terrible, isn't less and no more. All of you know it, simply wait, that still someone praised you for your fears. (M.V.Kuchurkina, The Director, Academy and Guild SPA).

Дата: 06.07.12

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